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"Who Else Wants To Save Money on Vegan Meals, Get Instant Access to Delicious Vegan Recipes and Connect With Vegans Around The World?"


Curt - The Vegan Club Founder
"Vegan nutrition enthusiast and researcher reveals a huge vegan recipe vault and gives you instant access to hundreds of vegan recipes and vegan nutrition tips, all in one convenient location"
"Delicious Vegan Recipes
at Your Finger Tips"

Dear Friend,

ave you ever been a part of a complete vegan community where you can share your thoughts and experiences as a vegan, as well as having access to hundreds of delicious vegan recipes? I wasn't really able to find anything to completely meet those needs online, so I decided to create The Vegan Club to fill that gap.

I don't know about you, but there are some important things I wish I had known when it comes to a vegan diet.

One of the biggest questions I had was about how to prepare healthy vegan recipes that tasted good and would appeal to non-vegans in my circle of friends and family (this was tough for me at first). I mean, how can I expect them to drink a vegetable smoothie if they're expecting bacon, eggs and chocolate milk for breakfast? Well, I found the answers to these problems.

I'll tell you more about all of this in a minute.

So instead of spinning my wheels and getting frustrated because I couldn't find what I was looking for…

I spent over 3 months BUILDING the ultimate
vegan resource (you're on it now)

And every month it gets better, as I learn from the people who write to me with their questions and I add new vegan recipes to my recipe vault and new vegan resources to the members area.

It's bordering on somewhat of an obsession for me lately, I think. What started out as a simple way for me to share recipes with a few other people has become "The Vegan Club" and it's now open to the public.

Because you are one of my good "online friends", I'd love to have you join me and become a member so you can share your stories and experiences with us, as well as ask us the important questions that you have.

You know, before I started really digging into my research and learning everything I could about vegan diets, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable. Boy was I wrong!

In fact, I learned at least TWO commonly overlooked ways to save big bucks on vegan foods. (I'll be sharing those with you so you can enjoy saving money too)

I've talked with a bunch of different vegan experts, scoured tons of websites, read everything I could get my hands on and tried lots of vegan recipes so I could put this website together.

Here are just a few of the questions I set
out to find answers to. Would you like
to learn about any of these?

(If so, you will want to join the vegan club
immediately to get the answers)

  • How can I prepare vegan foods that will appeal to non-vegans?

  • What kinds of vegan foods fight cancer?

  • How do I save money on vegan foods? This isn't as hard as you might think!

  • What substitute can be used to replace eggs?

  • Will a vegan diet help eliminate diabetes?

  • How do I get enough protein as a vegan? This is the single most frequently asked question we get. The answer is way easier than it seems!

  • Making smoothies uses a lot of fruit and can get expensive. How can I reduce the cost of this?

  • What is flax seed and why do I keep seeing it being talked about everywhere I read.

  • How do I get started on a vegan diet?

  • What are the "staple foods" every vegan should have in their cupboard?

  • How do I avoid the dangers of vitamin B12 deficiencies? This is critical to every vegan, regardless of gender or age.

  • How do I find good vegan restaurants in my local area or when I travel?

  • Will switching to a vegan diet help me lose weight?

  • Where can I get good recipes for vegan desserts?

  • How do I know if I am getting adequate nutrition as a vegan?

Those are all actual questions that we've gotten from our readers and they're all answered inside of “The Vegan Club.”

The Vegan Club is THE RESOURCE on the web for vegan recipes and vegan nutrition information

Four Very Interesting FACTS
about Veganism & Vegan Nutrition...

Did you know that ...

1. Veganism is more popular today than ever before!

Veganism isn't just another fad diet or trendy way of losing weight. Vegan diets and the vegan way of life are catching on as a true way of becoming healthier and doing something really good for yourself, not to mention that it also helps animals and the environment.

2. A Vegan Diet can save you a ton of money!

When done correctly, buying foods for a vegan based diet can actually save you money. We teach you more about this inside the member's area. Suffice it to say that you'll have money leftover in your food budget if you switch to a 100% vegan diet.

3. Switching to a Vegan Diet fixes many health issues!

Migraine headaches, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, lactose intolerance, food allergies, cancer and the list can go on. These are some of the many major health issues that can be remedied with a vegan diet. A vegan diet contains no preservatives, no chemicals, no cholesterol, no animal fats... none! Most people who switch to a vegan diet see huge improvements in their overall health, and problems such as those listed above eventually disappear.

4. Vegan diets aren't new to people around the world!

Vegan diets have been practiced around the world for centuries. Asian nations have lived on vegan diets for as long as anyone can remember and it's no secret that many of these people live very, very long lives. Only now are people in western nations making the connection and jumping on the vegan health bandwagon.


As you can see, there are hundreds of
thousands of people just like you!

One of the best ways to overcome "food culture shock", as I like to call it, is to talk with others who are going through the same struggles and challenges as you. This was one of my biggest reasons for starting The Vegan Club to begin with.

There is a huge need for a place to communicate with other people who are vegans or who are switching to a vegan diet.

Let's face it... living as a vegan can be VERY challenging, especially when those around you don't understand why you're doing this or how you really feel.

Sure, they might understand that you're trying to eat healthier, but they don't know that it can sometimes make you feel like an oddball or an outcast, especially in family or social situations!

How do you feel when you're invited to a party or other kind of get together where there will be food served? You know the awkward feeling you get when you have to ask the host of the party questions about what's in the food.

It can definitely be embarrassing to bring your own vegan foods to a party, but you also don't want to make the host uncomfortable by asking them to make special foods just for you.

As part of The vegan Club we've created a special Facebook page where you can talk with each other. You can share your experiences, swap recipes, you've tried, ask for advice... you name it!

It doesn't matter if you live in the US, Canada, UK or Australia, The Vegan Club can help you live a better life!

You will be making lifelong friends with other vegans from around the world when you become a member yourself. How awesome will it be when you're connecting with other vegans from Canada, the 50 states, UK and other countries?

Everyone shares the same common bond, even in spite of being thousands of miles apart.

Now that's something to look forward to each day and something that your "non-vegan" friends and family might even get jealous about :) Where else can you chat and make friends with other vegans on the other side of the world?

Our club members get instant access to our "Vegan Recipe Vault", with new recipes being added each day, inside of The Vegan Club.

Creating the vegan club has been a labor of love for me. My wife has helped me gather and sort through all of the recipes you'll find inside. And she has tested quite a few of them herself!

But you're going to get a lot more than vegan
recipes when you join the vegan club.

Aside from the recipes, you are going to become part of the exclusive community where you can shore stories, inspire others and just feel better because you will be interacting with people who know what you're going through.

We're always busy adding new stuff to the club, making it easier for you to find what you need all in one secure place. There is a lot of information out there to find, but it can be so time-consuming to track it all down. We want to make it easier for you.

In addition to all of this, we're also building a vegan resource center, where we will show you all of the vegan-friendly places to buy items from cruelty-free shops online. This is a growing list that we're constantly adding to.

And we can't forget about the audio interviews! This is where we get on the phone with a vegan expert and we "pick their brains", getting them to share their secrets with us.

We also take your questions and put them before our experts so they can share their expertise with you in these areas. We do this regularly and every single interview gets uploaded to the members area for you to hear and learn from.

These interviews and the informative videos that we create are enough reason to join the club. Remember, these are exclusive and can't be found anywhere outside of the club.

The Facebook page, recipes, articles, tips and other member benefits are just the "icing on the cake" for most of our members.

The Number of Spots Could be Limited...

Based on the demand that we've seen, there is a good chance that we'll get inundated with membership requests. While I would love to allow everyone to join, I also want to make sure that those who do get in get the very best care and attention that they deserve.

For this reason, I reserve the right to stop accepting new members at any time. (If you're reading this page, then the club is still open to you)

If you want to join, you need to do it today. If you put it off, you may come back and find I have already had to close the sign-up page for new members.

The only way to guarantee your spot in the club is to join us right now.

"OK, I'm convinced! I want to join The
Vegan Club. How do I sign up
to become a member?"

You've seen how much stuff we're offering inside the vegan club. You can see that we're dedicated and committed to making this the best vegan resource on the Internet.

By now, you're probably wondering how you can sign up to the club and also, how much are the club dues to become a member?

This is the best part...You can get access to EVERYTHING you read above, for just $9.97 per month! It costs only $9.97 (USD) per month to be a vegan club member, and the initial signup fee is just $9.97

But wait!! We're running a special deal for a very limited time only. Get complete access to everything mentioned above for just $9.97!

Seriously? Yes, that's right! Start right now for only $9.97 and then just $9.97 per month. You get instant access to everything in the club!

You get all this:

1. Hundreds of Vegan Recipes - These aren't just the same old everyday recipes! We've scoured the internet for the best recipes and gathered them for you! They're all inside "The Recipe Vault".

2. Articles from Experts - Learn everything you need to know about being a successful, healthy vegan... And stay on top of the latest information with new articles on a regular basis.

3. Got a question? Ask us. We take these questions and present them to experts and then pass the answers along to all of our members in the monthly interviews.

4. Vegan eBooks (if you're among the first 200 people). These eBooks alone are worth the price of the club membership!

5. Vegan Restaurant Lists - Everyone asks... "isn't there a list of restaurants that have vegan menus?" Yes, there is, and it's inside the club.

6. Expert Audio Interviews - Listen in as our select vegan experts discuss vegan living and give honest, revealing answers to your most pressing questions.

7. How-to Videos - watch and learn more with our video tutorials

8. Frequently Asked Questions - There are always questions that everyone seems to ask - we have the answers, plain & simple. Sometimes just scrolling through this list will remind you of a question you forgot to ask!

9. Vegan Member Stories (Inspirational to say the least). Tell your story here. We'd love to hear it. It's amazing how much you learn from others this way. Sometimes it reminds you of something you'd forgotten about too!

10. Vegan Resources We are always on the lookout for new vegan resources. When we find them, we add them to our vegan resources list inside the members area.

11. Vegan Club Facebook page This is where you get to connect with other vegans from around the world to share and encourage each other.

I am so convinced that you'll be absolutely thrilled with what you get as a member of the vegan club, I'm willing to take on all of the risk myself:

And that's not all!!

Because you're ordering before midnight,
we're going to give you these unannounced bonuses, valued at $105

1. Free "Basics of Veganism" eBook ($19 value)
Get a better understanding of what it means to be a vegan and how to make the most of your vegan lifestyle. We've included a ton of information to help you get started on the right foot and avoid some of the most common mistakes that many new vegans often make.
2. Free Starter pack of 3 vegan articles ($37 value)
These articles will give you a small sampling of what we've packed our club member area with. Take your understanding and knowledge of veganism to new levels!
3. Starter pack of 10 Vegan recipes with photos ($49 value) These recipes will help you become a better vegan cook! We've hand-picked some excellent recipes to help you start a balanced vegan diet.

That's $105 worth of free bonuses!

 So, if you truly want to discover the secrets to successful, healthy vegan living, learn amazing new recipes, and join an incredible group of people then click the join button right here:

Join The Vegan Club Now!

YES!  Curt, I want to get instant access to hundreds of recipes, articles, e-books, and video tutorials so I can improve my vegan lifestyle right away.
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  • I also understand that the FREE bonuses that I receive, valued at $105, are mine to keep even if I ask for a full refund.

Only $9.97

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See you in the club,

Curt Duane

P.S. Remember, you have nothing to lose. If you join today and decide it's not for you then you're protected by our 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee. We will refund your money and let you keep access to everything as our way of saying Thank You and helping you on your journey to living a healthy, vegan-based lifestyle.


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